Sammamish Hills Lutheran Preschool 2017-2018

Sept. 5-8                                Teacher Prep Week
Monday, Sept. 11                    Meet and Greet
                                             Pre-K                             10:00-10:45
                                             Older Pre-K                    11:00-11:45

Tuesday, Sept. 12                   Meet and Greet

                                             Older 2’s                        10:00-10:45
                                             3’s                                9:20-9:30-Check-In, 9:30-10:30-Classroom

Wednesday, Sept. 13              1st Day of School

                                             Mommy and Me              9:30-10:30 (only 1 hour today)
                                             Pre-K                             9:15-12:15 (or 1:00 w/ LB)
                                             Older Pre-K                     9:15-12:15 (or 1:00 w/ LB)

Thursday, Sept.14                  1st Day of School
                                             Older 2’s                         9:30-11:30
                                             3’s                                  9:30-12:15 p.m. (or 1:00 w/ LB)
                                             NO Science Exploration (It starts next Thursday)

Tuesday, Sept 26                    Back to School Night
                                              7:00-8:30 pm (details to follow)

Tuesday, Oct. 24                    Daddy & Me Harvest Party
                                             6:30-7:30 pm Fellowship Hall

Friday, Nov. 10                       Veteran’s Day - No School

Nov. 22-24                              Thanksgiving Break -No School                                                          

Tuesday, Dec. 5                       Christmas Program
                                              6:00-7:00 pm (All school Christmas Program)

Dec 18-Jan. 1                          Christmas Break                                
                                              No School- school resumes Tuesday, Jan. 2

Monday, Jan. 15                     Martin Luther King Jr. Day
                                             No School

Feb 15-20                               Mid-Winter Break
                                              No School-school resumes Wednesday, Feb. 21

March 12-23                           Parent /Teacher Conference Weeks

April 2-6                                 Spring Break
                                              No School (does not match with ISD)
April 16-20                              Teacher Appreciation Week

Monday, May 21                       Last Day of School- Mommy and Me
Thursday, May 31                     Last Day of School- Older 2’s, 3’s & Older Pre-K

Friday, June 1                          Last Day of School- Pre-K