2019-2020 Class Offerings

Wednesday - 9:30-11:15

1 ½ - 2 ½ years old
Must be 18 months by August 31, 2019
$75.00/month (only a $50.00 registration fee)

Our Mommy and Me class is a great introduction to school. Moms, Dads or caregivers have the unique opportunity to watch their child begin to grow through school-related experiences. This class is designed to help children develop a positive attitude toward the school environment and to encourage children’s independence from Mom by participating in teacher-directed activities.  During class kids and moms will participate in center time, circle time, art exploration, snack and even recess!

Tuesday/Thursday - 9:30-11:30
Must be 2 1/2 years old by August 31, 2019

Our Older 2’s class is a great first “drop-off” class for those who are ready! Our goal is to provide a nurturing and stimulating first learning experience where children explore a range of activities through play focusing on all areas of development: language, cognitive, social/emotional, physical and spiritual. There is a strong focus on building social and emotional competence, on strengthening fine motor skills and encouraging receptive and expressive language skills.  We fit a lot into the two hours- morning table time, circle time, center time with many activities available, snack, recess and Music and Movement once a week.

Tuesday/Thursday and optional Wednesday - 9:30-12:15 (or 1:00 pm w/ Lunch Bunch)

Must be 3 years old by August 31, 2019
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday (adding optional Wednesday to T/TH)
Must be 3 years old by March 31, 2019

In our 3’s class children are given opportunities for exploration through dramatic play, blocks, art exploration, fine motor activities, puzzles, manipulatives and gross motor opportunities.  Hands-on activities provide developmentally appropriate pre-reading, pre-math, science, creative movement and literacy experiences.  Children are introduced to the concepts in Handwriting Without Tears by talking about, and beginning to practice writing letter top to bottom, left to right.  With ZooPhonics children are introduced to letter sounds, an associated animal, and a kinesthetic movement. Through play children can explore the classroom while learning to cooperatively work and play with their classmates.  The class has Chapel on Tuesdays and Music and Movement on Thursdays.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday and optional STEAM Thursday (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) - 9:15-12:15 (or 1:00 pm w/ Lunch Bunch)

Must be 4 years old by August 31, 2019
3 days/wk: $315.00/month
4 days/wk: $400.00/month 

Older Pre-K CLASS
Mon./Tues./Wed./Thurs. - 9:15—12:15 (or 1:00 pm w/ Lunch Bunch)

Must be 4 years old by March 31, 2019

**Our Kindergarten Readiness Pre-K and Older Pre-K classes focus on using developmentally appropriately practices to prepare kids for kindergarten.  All of the kids in Older Pre-K class will go to kindergarten and most of our Pre-k kids will as well.  The main differences between these two classes are that they are in different classrooms with different teachers, Older Pre-K is a 4 day a week program and Pre-K can be either 3 or 4 days. Older Pre-K class has more structure from the beginning of the school year.

Similar to our 3’s class, our Pre-K and Older-Pre K classes give kids the opportunity to play and learn through dramatic play, blocks, art exploration, fine motor activities, puzzles, manipulatives and gross motor opportunities.

Children are expected to sit for gradually longer periods of time for group activities, listen, and follow multi step directions.  Skills such as counting, letter recognition, pre-reading and writing are taught informally through games and activities, but are also introduced more formally at circle time and through small group instruction during center time.  Handwriting Without Tears is used to more formally teach letter formation and recognition. With the ZooPhonics program children are introduced to letter sounds, an associated animal and a kinesthetic movement.  Both classes have Music and Movement once a week and Chapel once a week.

Pre-K STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) Thursday

Optional Pre–K Science Class - provides a fourth day to the younger Pre-K class

  • Science, engineering, and art based curriculum and centers
  • Additional math and critical thinking activities
  • Expanded time exploring, observing, building and getting our hands dirty
  • More outdoor learning opportunities – be prepared for the weather!

Special Programs
As a Christian preschool, we focus on teaching about God’s unconditional love for us and the world He created.  Each week students will have a chapel time.  Students will learn a Bible story, sing Bible songs and learn how the Bible stories relate to their lives.
Music and Movement
During this class, students are exposed to various musical instruments and forms of music.  Students will use their bodies for creative movement and use sign language while singing.

Lunch Bunch
Students in the 3’s, Pre-K and Older Pre-k classes are given the opportunity to extend their day by staying for Lunch Bunch. Students eat lunch, plus have additional time for center exploration and outside playtime.  Classes are usually combined for Lunch Bunch depending on numbers. 

Students have the option to stay for Lunch Bunch daily, one time a week, or on a drop-in basis. 


  • All children must be the required age for each class (see registration page).
  • Children must be bathroom independent to attend the 3's, Pre-K and Older Pre-K classes.
  • We are a peanut and tree nut free school.
  • ​Our school is available to all children regardless of religious affiliation, race, color, national or ethnic origin.