Pre-K Thursday Science
Ms. Jessica (Jessica Larsson) is the lead teacher for the PreK class.  She has been teaching and working with children for the last 15 years. Before having children of her own, she taught kindergarten, integrated arts, and second grade for a local public school district. Since having children, she has been a volunteer the children’s ministry at her church as well as a coach for several youth sports teams. Jessica is very excited to be back in the classroom teaching this year. Her favorite thing about teaching this age is their curiosity and love for learning. Seeing them make connections and light up when they learn something new makes the chaos of other days worth every bit!

Music and Movement
Miss Anna (Anna Morris) is the Music and Movement Specialist and this is her first year working with SHLP.  She has been working with kids of all ages for 6 years.  Anna is excited to help encourage a love of music in young people and to help them learn about some of the basics of music and movement – louder/softer, basic rhythm, and clapping, skipping, etc.  Her favorite thing is finding a song that makes the kids WANT to sing, dance, move, and be creative.

Mommy and Me & Older 2's

Miss Laura (Laura Thomas) is the lead teacher for the Mommy and Me class and assistant teacher for the Older 2s class. She has been a member of SHLP for 8 years and has been teaching youth for over 15 years. She has recently discovered her love for young children after several years of teaching Sunday School. Laura's favorite thing about teaching is seeing the world through the eyes of children. Everything is magical and amazing through them!


Our staff consists of highly qualified teachers with strong early childhood backgrounds. Each teacher brings many years of elementary or preschool education experience to our school. 

All staff members are Washington state STARS certified (or equivalent) and participate annually in early childhood conferences and courses.

Our staff is First Aid and CPR certified.

Miss Laurie (Laurie Halstead) is the assistant teacher for the Pre-K class. She has been teaching preschool for over 19 years. She has been teaching music at SHLP for 7 years, and assisting in the Pre-K class for two years.  In music she loves to watch how much the kids change as they grow over the years that they are at SHLP.  From 2-5 years old there are so many changes and it is fun to watch.  The past two years she has been privileged to be in the Pre-K class.  It is fun seeing the big changes as the kids learn throughout the year.

Miss Shana (Shana Tischaefer) is the co-lead teacher for the 3's class.  She has many years of experience teaching preschool aged children and has been teaching professionally at SHLP since 2014.  She loves teaching preschool mostly because preschoolers are funny, sweet and fun, but also because so much of the world is new to them and it is very rewarding to introduce them to new things.

Older Pre-K
Mrs. Mac (Kandi McLachlan) assists in the Older Pre-K class.  She has many years of total teaching experience and 6 years with SHLP. Her favorite thing about teaching is, "I love that they are so excited to learn, eager to please, and they are genuinely funny so there is a lot of smiling and laughing each day."

Older 2's
Miss Diane (Diane Hormuth) is the lead teacher for the Older 2's class.  She has been teaching preschool for seven years and this is her fifth year at SHLP.  Diane loves teaching the younger children.  She enjoys watching them grow both socially and emotionally.  Diane's favorite thing about teaching is connecting with each child and making sure that they have an enjoyable school experience that sets a good foundation for their future learning!

Older Pre-K
Mrs. K (Becky Kleinknecht) has been teaching for the better part of 20+ years. This is her first year at SHLP teaching the Older Pre-K class. She has a real soft spot for this age because the kids are just bursting with energy and the love for learning. Everyday is something new and a chance to see the sparkle in her kids eyes as they discover all the amazing things out there.

Kristine Meyer has been the Preschool Director for the past 9 years.  Additionally, she teaches Chapel to the children each week.  She has been teaching for 19 years, formerly an elementary school teacher.

Kristine has been a member of Sammamish Hills Lutheran Church for over 30 years and is an active member in the Sammamish community.  

You will often find Kristine in the preschool classrooms playing and learning with the children.  As a past elementary educator, she loves that she gets to teach chapel and spend time in the classrooms every day!

“I love my job because on a daily basis I get to work with talented teachers, interact with caring parents, and play with amazing children of God. It is a blessing to come to work every day!”