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March is Literacy Awareness Month at SHLP!
Please also see the attached article.  More literacy articles to come this month!


 Fun Early Literacy Activities for You and Your Preschooler


  •  Use chants, songs and rhymes to accompany everyday activities.
  •  Play “let’s pretend,” or “I Spy,” or other games that encourage the use of language
  •  Play engaging music, sing and dance along with your child.  Make instrument shakers by filling plastic eggs with bird seed or rice to accompany the music.
  •  Cut our felt letters and shapes.  Let your child play with the pieces on  a felt board.  You can make a simple felt board by gluing a square of felt onto a piece of cardboard.
  •  Play word-rhyming games with your child. Make up your own sill, nonsense rhymes together.
  •  Let your preschooler draw a story on paper, while you write down the story as your child tells it.  Then read it together and act it out!


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Sammamish Hills Lutheran Preschool offers an age-appropriate theme based curriculum. The preschool day involves a wide range of activities including circle and story time, songs and music, center time activities, sensory activities, crafts, gross and fine motor development, active play time and chapel. 

We offer an early childhood experience that focuses on the social, emotional, spiritual, academic and physical development of each child, designed to encourage a deep love for learning and build confidence for the years ahead.

We are a peanut and tree nut free school.


Academic:  Theme based curriculum allows the teachers to select a topic to study and build a variety of activities around that topic.  In this manner of teaching, children learn naturally. Teachers also use learning centers to promote listening, speaking, reading, writing, math and small motor development.  These centers include; math, art, dramatic play and sensory areas.  Table manipulative's such as puzzles, sorting and matching are used in the math area.  In the art area, children will use many different materials to reinforce and expand on what they are learning in class.  At the sensory table water, sand sifters, rice, bubbles and other tools are used for skill development.  

Chapel: As a Christian preschool we focus on teaching about God's unconditional love for us and the world He created.  Each week students enjoy chapel time.  Students learn a Bible story, sing Bible songs and learn how the Bible stories relate to their lives.

Music and Movement: During this class students are exposed to various musical instruments and forms of music.  Students will use their bodies for creative movement and use sign language while singing.  Music and Movement encourages individual expression and the appreciation for the beauty of Gods world around us.

Play: Play is a foundation for early childhood development.  Children's language, literacy, math, reasoning, cognitive and social development, fine and gross motor control and emotional and faith foundations are developed with a play based program.  Through play children in our program have to negotiate with their peers, problem solve, make decisions and use purposeful language as they play. Children who are playing in our program are engaged, learning by making sense of their world and concretely using their senses to explore.

Social: 1 Thessalonians 5:11 "Therefore encourage one another, and build each other up". Teachers use encouragement, the ability to build on strengths, to notice what is right, and to build a sense of belonging and significance to foster social development.

Lunch Bunch (LB): Students in the 3's, 4's and Pre-k class are given the opportunity to extend their day and stay for Lunch Bunch.  Students eat lunch together with teachers.  They also have more time for centers and outside playtime.  Students can stay for Lunch Bunch daily, one time a week, or on a drop in basis.

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